You did WHAT with the virus image?!?!

Today I left my computer running for 4.5 straight hours recording my computer rendering a 10 sec animation I made from my virus photo, the actual animation can be seen here and the time-lapse of it rendering can be seen under the how page when it finishes exporting and gets submitted to youtube. anyway, here is the final:


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Now you want the HOW?

Due to request, I’m going to shortly make another page named how. It will tell how I make my art, music, sites, etc. which I will refer from now on as MEDIA. The new page will feature info on:

  • What programs I use
  • What techniques I use
  • Time lapses of me recreating some artwork
  • And any other requests that you may put here in the comments

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    First Song Creation

    Just after starting my mom’s site project, i got bored and randomly started making this song which built up over about 2 hours to the point where I’ve even started to write lyrics (they aren’t in the music yet btw) . It started from an Ostinato, which, if you don’t know, is a simple pattern, I built up from that and now you can barely hear it over all the other instruments, except listen carefully in the beginning over the trumpet’s melody and you might be able to hear an electric guitar (that sounds almost like a piano) playing a simple sub-melody quietly. (If you want to hear it email me so i can send it to you because i am having problems embedding it here)

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    First website creation in progress

    Finally my mom’s website won’t look so boring and HTMLish –> 

    Because I’ve started to make her website with flash and its gonna look so cool with music and stuff xD!!!

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    new art pages

    Im currently adding two pages, one for 2d Art, and one for 3d Art. Hopefully by the time anyone reads these they will both be set up with a few images in each so enjoy! 😀

    PS. i also set up the first poll which can be seen on the 2D art page.

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