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Augmented Reality

After some messing around with blender and flash, i used a technique called augmented reality in which a 3d object is projected onto a specific symbol. There was already a fair amount of people who did this so it wasn’t too hard to get a result, but as you will see it didn’t end up the prettiest looking model and the textures were lost to be replaced by a plain blue covering, anyway, enjoy!My first test at using Augmented Reality


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Sorta Random…

while i was creating some stuff on my computer (that will hopefully find a home here eventually) i noticed that in a certain view, the screen/objects looked like they were moving. I don’t know if it is just me but I feel like it’s interesting enough for me to put up here. (click on image to enlarge)

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Sorry to anyone who has been checking every once and a while to find i havn’t posted anything in a while, i have been very busy lately and have been working on getting my xcode IDE to work with actionscript with the Flex SDK aka. I made it so i can write flash code in a better environment. Oh ya, by the way Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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First Sound Animation

When I say “sound animation” it was purely because of a loss of words to put in its place. What I have done is something simple, I added music and sound effects to a time-lapse I recorded of a full render and how long it actually takes, to see the video, check out the How page.

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You did WHAT with the virus image?!?!

Today I left my computer running for 4.5 straight hours recording my computer rendering a 10 sec animation I made from my virus photo, the actual animation can be seen here and the time-lapse of it rendering can be seen under the how page when it finishes exporting and gets submitted to youtube. anyway, here is the final:

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Now you want the HOW?

Due to request, I’m going to shortly make another page named how. It will tell how I make my art, music, sites, etc. which I will refer from now on as MEDIA. The new page will feature info on:

  • What programs I use
  • What techniques I use
  • Time lapses of me recreating some artwork
  • And any other requests that you may put here in the comments

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