now that school is over I’m going to try to make a effort to update this semi regularly. Heres something I made in about half and hour. Could use some tuning but its altogether pretty realistic. (click for full image)


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Back to 3D

Some of you may have noticed that almost all my published artwork here is in 2D. That is only because of 2 factors:

1. 2D art is easier to finish because there is no extra steps and such, when you are done, you’re done

2. I’ve been taking a break from big 3D scenes, i have been making small models but nothing that has taken over a day.

Now, i am starting to try to add some more 3D to this site kicking off with a book. I had originally saved out my first ‘final’ render (notice the fact that even though im done im not done) and I continued to tweak it until I accidentally changed a fairly big part of the lighting and couldn’t put it back too quickly. However, the outcome looked just as good to me so i saved it as well. My question now is which one looks better?

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Its been a while since I’ve put more work up on the site so I added two more pictures in the 2D section and modified the description of many of the pictures. I am also working on three current 3D projects, one is in the making, one is still being designed, and one is currently rendering into the first test. Check back often because it will be here any day now…

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Augmented Reality

After some messing around with blender and flash, i used a technique called augmented reality in which a 3d object is projected onto a specific symbol. There was already a fair amount of people who did this so it wasn’t too hard to get a result, but as you will see it didn’t end up the prettiest looking model and the textures were lost to be replaced by a plain blue covering, anyway, enjoy!My first test at using Augmented Reality

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Sorta Random…

while i was creating some stuff on my computer (that will hopefully find a home here eventually) i noticed that in a certain view, the screen/objects looked like they were moving. I don’t know if it is just me but I feel like it’s interesting enough for me to put up here. (click on image to enlarge)

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Sorry to anyone who has been checking every once and a while to find i havn’t posted anything in a while, i have been very busy lately and have been working on getting my xcode IDE to work with actionscript with the Flex SDK aka. I made it so i can write flash code in a better environment. Oh ya, by the way Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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First Sound Animation

When I say “sound animation” it was purely because of a loss of words to put in its place. What I have done is something simple, I added music and sound effects to a time-lapse I recorded of a full render and how long it actually takes, to see the video, check out the How page.

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